i think when you added the logo to the winglets the wong texture got glitched. there are grey lines below the wings that look like misplaced textures

Yo im lovin g the livery but can u add SAS signs on the winglets??? please, thanks again!

Both, for the very first versions of XP12, but im just about to update it.

This plane has been repainted (PH-AKA) and is significantly different in look now (Jun 2024).

Affirmative or else this scenery wouldn't be here and taken down long time ago

It may be loading preset 1 when you open the menu.

To fix the issue, save your preferred settings to preset 1.

I have a normal pc installtion and renamed the shortcut with "C:\X-Plane 12\X-Plane.exe" --allow_reshade... its work, but after starting x-plane i have ctd

It does work, if you're running on steam make sure you enable this launch parameter: --allow_reshade=0

when I re-open the menu all changes revert back to normal..

ReShade 6.1.1 does not start with X-Plane 12.1 b6

You have to be a little more specific for anyone to help you. The autopilot won't just "engage" when pressed. Are you trims set correctly? Are you within the tolerance window of the F/D (F/D crosshairs should be within small white box in center of your attitude indicator on PFD)? You have to maintain coordinated precision flight to be able to engage autopilot. That means your plane has to be tracking a level flight path without any added force on the joystick/yoke control. If you have to keep your hands on the controls to maintain level flight, then you're not within trim and the AP will not engage. Also, any added force on controls with AP engaged will automatically disengage it, as the system sees that as you are taking back control of the aircraft, which it is supposed to do and does in real life.

What a remarkable aircraft. Absolutely mind-blown with the detail. Completely blows all stock planes out of the water and may be one of the best addon planes out there right now, especially for free. This plane has made my workdays go by much slower. Thank you so much for this and all the continued hard work

Make sure you are not causing conflict between two plugins or more, that happened to me when using ReShade + VisualXP so i had to delete VisualXP. Maybe you have more plugins in conflict!

nice preset. My sim crashes upon spawning at the airport using the v 6.1.1 and 12.1 b6. Any fix for that please?

I am getting an error when trying to load the flight plan in x plane. I am trying to lead the fms file but It says error and I need to close the app. Can you help me, please? I would really love to use this

Hey, this is my other account, but I'm the author of the scenery. The FPS is bad because the main terminal and apron lights are imports from FSX. I'm currently working on Vilnius V2 which will have much better performance, stay tuned.

This is my livery, any problem or doubts here. Thanks 😊

Thanks for the Linux support! It works extremely well and stably, the best model of the Boeing 737-800 is not only in the X-plane. In my opinion it is even better than PMDG

We really need an update for 12.10

When update? Best plugin dead?

I did some testing and the extraction of the liveries works just fine for me using both the default windows extraction option and 7-Zip File Manager app.

Thank you.

If it's loading preset 1 by default, try this:

If you like preset 1 sometimes, load it then save it to preset 2.

If you would like preset 3 to be default, simply save it to the preset 1 slot (it will overwrite the values in the save file).

Hope this helps.

This is the best light addon I have tried. I do love it and really easy to use. But I have a question. I have set the brightness as my love, and save it to preset1, 3. I found preset 1 always auto restore to default. It not a very important problem for me. My question is, how to save my setting as default? I mean everytime I start a new flight can direct show me the effect as my setting?

I think it doesn't work on the latest version, i get the option to change but its not clickable. Can you help?

Did you ask permission from Armi Project to convert it to X-Plane and publicly place a payware for free?

Yeah, I tried to fix it myself but yeah... I am to stupid for lua scripting 😀 haha

In version 12.10 4 beta, the script is sent to quarantine.