Sweet!! Hope to see some American carriers like Jetblue And Avianca A320 CEOs

Hello, I use A mac And it works Just Fine for me.

I don't know which picture you're asking about. The cover is produced by the NSS production team at China Jinan Yaoqiang Airport, which has not yet been released.

I had to do a custom pattern for it, used photoshop ;]

How did you manage to have those tail mini figures...I'm struggling to do it...Do you use blender?

Ah no! Thank you for trying though! Much appreciated!

Glad you enjoy it, Share screenshots!

You don't need it to. I have and AMD GPU and the software works fine...

Hello! thanks for youre feedback. I cant do any livery, because they uodated the paintkit. my livery isnt working anymore

I did see that when you bring the pax from simbrief and its more than the limit of the add-on (224), it will start boarding for example 236 too, so it could be a walkaround for someone who doesn't want to touch the code.

I'll test it out! Thanks, keep up the good work, lot of potential for this tool

Hey, I wasn't able to detect the 244 pax cabin version, what you could do is to edit 264th line in lua script that now is MAX_PAX_NUMBER = 224 and change it to 244 😊

Thank you for your kind words! A new version tested against XP12.07 is now available!

Amazing addon, there's just one thing, with the a321 neo, it doesn't detect the 244 pax cabin, is there a way to fix it myself or you have to make an update?

Hi! Thank you very much for your work! This is by far the best tweak for XP12. Just updated to 12.07 and it seems it stopped working again...

Thanks! I don't have Nvidia hardware but I'll figure something out 😊

Thank you for your kind words!

Fantastic add-on. Although I own a license of VisualXP Ultimate I prefer this solution.

Unfortunately I can't give a 5-star review as this web site seems to be seriously broken.

Hello! When I install the mod it says something about the airfoils. What do I do about this?

For those who use Carda GE mod, simply name the "china airlines GE engine cowl" folder to ''GE Engines'' and put it in the livery object folder, no need to replace the aircraft engine object.

About blurry textures, to avoid it, save as a PNG, open on nvidia texture converter and them save it again as a DDS, Alpha 1

Excellent livery - lovely work!

Quick question, would it at all be possible to make an AnadoluJet (TC-LAH) 737Max livery as well ? I can't find one anywhere and it would make my day if you could make one. You don't have to, just a quick request. 😊


Thank you. Make sure to read the "tips" under the (?) icons, and expect a XP12.06 version hopefully today!

Hi, it shouldn't be long now, hopefully today!

There’s nothing for me to update for this livery. Is there something you want me to add?

Thank you! I absolutely could not stand the terrible rain effect in xp12. Even the rain in MSFS2020 looks good but not realistic. XP12 rain effect is not realistic at all.

I did some testing on v3.0 using Preset 2. The ozone shaders did save and load correctly for me. Can you tell me more about what's going on?

Anyway to share the blender model? i'm struggling to get the tail on the right position...

This mod is nice I see some improvements, but some tweaks don't work or possibly I'm doing something wrong. Moreover this addon brings heavy stuttering to my xp12.

Where is version 6.0 of the max available for download, I am only able to find a 5.1?

Спасибо за сценарий! Отзывчивость, терпение.......великолепная работа!!!

Hello, when will the update be released ?