Version v24.03.1: 1. Focuses on better integration of the Nav Data with the other screen. 2. Adds a simple "Flight planning" screen. Fill it before starting any mission, whether it was generated by the plugin or not. I use it mostly in IFR flights especialy...

Version v24.03.1:
1. Focuses on better integration of the Nav Data with the other screen.
2. Adds a simple "Flight planning" screen. Fill it before starting any mission, whether it was generated by the plugin or not. I use it mostly in IFR flights especialy in VR.


Mission-X is an X-Plane plugin that can help in:

  • Generate Random Missions for Helicopters and Planes a like.
    Supports overpass based templates to generate medevac missions (Community example can be found on @daikan github page)
  • Run pre-defined missions that were shared by other community members (example in x-plane.org site or maybe even in the current site).
  • Provide a framework to build your own adventures (You can use other missions as a template and build on it, simple editor will do the trick).
  • Generate ILS missions: place your plane in an airport and search for other ILS airports around. It is a simple, one leg mission, but at least you can generate a quick ILS flight to train, meaning, you will have to prepare the whole flight/charts weather etc..., the plugin will only provide you with a destination ramp/terminal.
  • Generate missions based on "flightplandatabase.com" site: Fly one of the pre-defined routes from "flightplandatabase.com".
  • Convert flight plan from LittleNavMap to mission files and then use it as a base for your own mission pack by expanding it to make it more engaging. 

The plugin is evolving all the time and run best on X-Plane 11, although it is also compatible with X-Plane 12 (early access).

For best results, you should also download "custom scenery library" files like:

RescueX: https://www.rotorsim.de/component/jdownloads/download/4-andere/9-rescuex?Itemid=3111
3D People: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/26611-3d-people-library/
R2: http://r2.xpl.cz/
OpenSceneryX: https://www.opensceneryx.com/
MisterX: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/28167-misterx-library-and-static-aircraft-extension/
CDB: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/27907-cdb-library/
RuScenery: http://ruscenery.x-air.ru/
Handy Objects: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/24261-the-handy-objects-library/

My site can be found in: "http://snagardev.weebly.com/", you can get a cross platform java based installer for the plugin, unfortunately it is not compatible with this site rules (but you can get it from the plugin page).


If you would like to support my work, you can go to this page and press the "donate" link. Thanks



The plugin is compressed in ".7z" format.
1. Place the file in "{X-Plane}/Resource/plugins" folder.

2. Extract the compressed plugin file.

Plugin folder structure should look something similar to:

├── db 
├── docs 
│   └── license 
├── libs 
│   ├── 64 
│   ├── bitmap 
│   ├── fonts 
│   ├── sql 
│   ├── sqlite 
│   └── text_to_speech-google 
├── lin_x64 
├── mac_x64 
├── save 
├── templates (pre-defined random mission templates)
└── win_x64

3. Download the "Random Scenery Pack".
    3.1 Create folder "missionx" in "{XP}/Custom Scenery"
    3.2 Save the file in "{XP}/Custom Scenery/missionx"
    3.3 Extract the file (a new folder by the name "random" will be created).

The Random Scenery pack is needed to generate random missions. This will be the folder it will write its mission file and overrite it every new random mission is created.

4. MacOS users only, post installation steps (if not already done before):

=== Troubleshooting Library issues on MacOS
The latest build uses the OS cURL shared library, so ther is no need to use the custom build I provided for this specific library.

If you still have issues, please use "otool", if it is installed, you should run the following command from {xp} installation folder:
$ cd {X-Plane root folder}   (installation folder)
$ otool -L Resources/plugins/missionx/64/mac.xpl



Linux and OSX troubleshoot information can be found in the README.txt file at the root folder of the plugin, it explains how to fix missing libraries in OSX and Linux.

For any issues/suggestions you can contact me at: "[email protected]"

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  • Updated to version 24.03.1

  • Updated to version 24.02.5

  • Updated to version 24.02.4

  • Updated to version 3.306.2

  • Updated to version 3.306.1a

  • Updated to version 3.304.14

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I can't quite seem to get this working 100%. It doesn't upload co-ordinates to my gps. Also, it asked me to hover over the scene for 14 seconds and I did for like 2 minutes at different heights, etc and nothing happened.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 24.03.1 March 24, 2024

    1. [ui] Added "Flight Planning/Notes" screen for easier IFR planning. Can be useful in VR.
    - The "Briefer" button was renamed to "Flight Planning/Progress" and it is available all the time.
    - When a mission is in progress, there will be different active color around that button.
    - The saved "Flight planning" info, is stored in the "properties" file and not in the plugin folder.
    - You can directly open the NavData screen once you enter the "Departure/Arrival" ICAOs.

    2. [apt.dat] Fixed boundary reading from apt.dat files.
    3. [NavData] Added frequency data per airport.
    4. [NavData] Integrated METAR reading from "flightplandatabase.com". I suggest to add the API key in the "external FPLN" screen.
    5. [NavData] Modified the VOR/DME/NDB query to "consolidate" VOR & DME navaids if they are on the same freq and name.
    6. [NavData] Added the "To ICAO" filter option in the NAV Data and ILS Search.
    - It will look for all ICAOs containing the entered string.
    - You can ignore distance filtering if you entered more than 2 characters.
    7. [ui] ILS and External FPLN screen can now open the NavData directly when clicking on the ICAO column.
    8. [ui] Flight Leg title is wrapped if it is too long.
    9. [ui] Removed the scale font button from the "flight leg" screen, can be modified through the "setup" screen though.
    10. [ils] Added row limitation up to 2000 rows (performance hit dependent on your machine capabilities).
    11. [ils] Fixes the behavior of the "ILS elevation slider" auto scroll.
    12. [lib] Implemented nlohmann json lib.
    13. [lib] Updated GLM lib from v0.99 to v1.0.1
    14. [sql] Made the base "ILS Search query" a custom one, meaning we read it from sql.xml file.
    15. [bug] Fixed [start mission] button not immediately visible after generating ILS mission.

  • Version 24.02.5 February 22, 2024

    1. New Nav Data screen integrated with the ILS screen. You can use it during flight too.
    2. Cleaned the bitmap folder and replaced few textures.
    3. Apt.dat optimization will store navigation data like VOR, DME and NDB with the ILS table data.
    4. [script] Added "fn_update_end()" function to directly modify the <end_mission> attributes, check "designer guide" documentation.
    5. sql.txt has new Nav data search queries.
    6. Syntax fixes.

  • Version 24.02.4 February 16, 2024

    1. [map 2D] Added support for CueInfo to be displayed inside the 2D map. This could be very useful for designers when working in XP12, since only in XP11 you can see the cue info in the 3D world.
    This is a compromise until I figure out how to to do the same in XP12.
    You have to "opt-in" to see the CueInfo. You can turn it on from the "menu" or from the "setup screen" (toggle designer + toggle Cue Info).
    You need both options to be checked to see the Cues.
    2. [fix] After changing the order that the plugin reads the "description" text, we need to make sure to ignore "comment" tags, since "<![cdata" nad "<!--" belongs to same category.
    3. ILS screen is available during active mission.
    - When mission is active - you can search for ILS runways of any airport (entered manually).
    - When No mission is active - you can build a simple mission to practice ILS landings.

    1. [critical bug medevac triggers] Fixed a nasty bug that failed triggers based elevation. Should affect any random medevac mission that needed hovering.
    2. [mix] Added loop command ("L"/"l") to the background <mix> instructions.
    3. [msg] fade_bg_channel attribute supports "%self%".
    4. [bug] Fix sound file fail to load due to racing state.
    5. [debug] Added "debug message" tab. Good for:
    - test messages without the need to fly the mission route itself.
    - test standard messages sound files.
    - test new background sounds with story messages. You play the message, and then play in the background the sound file and see if they "fit".
    6. [bug] If sound file is not opening, it will now flag it as "invlalid" and it will continue progressing message preparation. Old behavior, message state was stuck at the sound file loading state.
    7. Added the ILS types: "GLS, LP and LPV" to the ILS search screen and the database.

    1. [ui debug] Debug tab now has "script", "global params" and "interpolation" new sub tabs.
    2. [ui debug] script/trigger debug enhancements:
    - Errors can be ignored in the "setup screen" (mission won't abort on script failure).
    - You can edit the script in memory and test it until you fix the issue. It won't be stored in the original mission file, only in savepoint.
    - Added Force trigger event fire to manually test a trigger outcome, instead of flying the whole route just to make it fire. You can only force triggers linked to the <leg> and not part of tasks, for example.
    3. [ui debug] The debug tab received a bigger vertical window space to show more information.
    4. [ui debug] Added more information on the trigger and task nodes.
    5. [designer dump data] In the setup screen in the "designer" tab, you now have buttons that will dump each "in memory" loaded mission part into the log file.
    You can achieve similar effect when creating a savepoint, the save file stores the in memory information.
    This should provide insight regarding what the plugin uses or what you think it is using.

    6. [story mode] Fixed cases where last line in the message was not displaying correctly.
    7. [story mode] Added "Auto skip" message checkbox, for story mission writers. You can manage it from the "Setup" window or map a key/button as a command.
    The option will be hidden in release binaries, but you can toggle it, and shown in the debug binary build.
    8. [story mode log] When loading a mission with a story mode message, the plugin will try to evaluate the time it will take it to display the lines for each message.
    This is only an estimation but a good starting point for managing the background sound files while displaying the message itself.
    9. [story mode, interpolation] Added log messages to better understand when interpolation occurred. You can also use the "[debug]<interpolation>" tab to see the same.

    10. [script] you can send a predefined parameters to any script using a the pipe symbol "|" and then a set of parameters in the format "in{Name1}=value,in{Name2}=value" string.
    - The ad-hoc parameter must start with the "in" prefix.
    - Added support for "%self%" keyword as the "value" of a predefined parameter. This is mainly useful with "dynamic_message"s that creates triggers and we do not know them ahead of time.
    It is also depends on how you write your script.
    In most cases, you better use the mxCurrentTrigger which is seeded in every script that was called from a trigger.
    11. [script] Added "fn_set_leg_desc()" and "fn_get_current_leg_desc()". You can now modify the flight leg description during the mission.
    12. [script] Added more seeded info when calling "fn_get_message_info()" function.
    13. [script] Added fn_get_active_choice_name()

    14. [message] Added "ATTRIB_FADE_BG_CHANNEL" attribute to <message> to auto fade the background channel once message is done.
    This can also be achieved through a script.
    15. [message] Extended the properties you can modify from a script using the "fn_set_message_property()" function.

    16. [ui] Some ui modification for better readability.
    17. [ui] Added some more icons to the story mode window and quit popup window.

    18. [timer] Extended <timer> element.
    You can flag it to not abort: fail_on_timeout_b.
    Added "post_script" call only on timer failure.
    Added: "stop_on_leg_end_b" attribute that can replace the "run_until_leg".

    19. [bug] fixed cases where trigger "enabled" attribute was not taken into account, so it was always in "enabled" mode.
    20. [bug] Fixed a bug where dynamic messages retain the <outcome> source attributes.
    21. [regression] Fixed <choice> is not being read correctly after loading a savepoint.
    22. [regression] "fn_get_global_bool" was not registered with the correct naming.
    23. [bug] When generating a mission file from LittleNavMap, the <gps> sub elements were named <node> instead of <point>.
    24. [bug db] Fixed rear case where there is icao_id in metadata table and not in the xp_airports. This fail one of the post parse fixes to sync icao names based on xp_airports back over the metadata table.

    25. Changed the order the code reads and store "next_msg" vs "post_script".
    Old behavior: "post_script" was execute last.
    New behavior: "next_msg" is read last and "post_script" is read first (before all other attributes).
    You can branch the message using "post_script" and fn_set_message_properties() -
    Modify the "next_msg" property with the new msg name.
    26. Changed the order how we read the description from a "flight leg" element. The new order is: "read [cdata] under leg and only then under <desc> sub element."
    27. The plugin load mission messages has been re-formated but it is still a w.i.p.

    28. [plugin] The plugin is using a newish version schema in the format: {major}.{YearMonth}. The full version will be displayed in the "about" screen.
    29. [plugin] The plugin is using the "new" folder names for the binary files. Also moved some folders inside other ones to reduce the folder clutter.
    30. [lib] Latest ImGui v1.9.0.1
    31. [save] interpolation data is written into the save file.
    32. [log] the plugin will retain the last three missionx.log files in cycle order.

  • Version 3.306.2 November 24, 2023

    1. [ui] Added "debug" tab. Can be toggled in the "setup > developer" options.
    2. [log] Mission-X now has its own dedicated log file in the root folder of the plugin.
    Most messages are now written from a thread.
    This reduces file writing in the main flight loop back, which makes the DEBUG build run smoother with less stutters.
    3. [internal] re-written how to handle the "output" from "print" commands from external scripts.
    4. [internal] Added internal code to display function timing to better find performance bottlenecks.

  • Version 3.306.1a October 30, 2023

    1. [hotfix] Wrong position for Right Medium image, in story mode.
    2. Resized the story mode text.

    1. [feature] New "story mode". Triggered when sending a message. The main screen is divided into a big upper image area and a lower text message area. This is a temporary screen and in the end it will return to the usual flight leg information.
    Please read the "Designer Guide" for more information (search for "story mode").
    2. [ui] More font tweaking. Setup screen now uses the newer fonts for better readability.
    3. [ui] MxPad and Choice windows received some Font face lift.
    4. [ui] Some ui tweaks in "Dynamic Mission", "ILS" and "External Flight" screens.
    5. [setup] Added "pilot nickname" in setup, can be used in "Story mode".
    6. [internal] Lots of code refactoring and code cleanup.
    7. [ui] When opening the main plugin screen for the first time, it will force centering and then will revert to free mode.
    Should help resolve cases where we have more than one screen and the window is positioned outside the X-Plane visible view area.
    8. [bug] Fixed cases where loaded "CheckPoint" was not able to progress because we saved in the middle of "story mode" message, or Time-lapse was active.
    9. [bug] Messages won't progress until the previous message will fully complete, including post actions. This solves cases where the flight leg transitioned to the next one before cleaning the current one.
    10. [ui] Plugin main window was decreased back to 800px from 900px but height was increased to 460px from 450px.
    11. [bug] When dumping "weather" datarefs, the "change_mode" won't be stored with the other weather datarefs.
    12. [lib] Implemented ImGui v1.89.9
    13. [lib] Implemented Implot to v0.17.
    14. [conv] Conversion screen now has "GlobalSettings" node support if the "save" file includes one.
    15. [mix] added "timer_type" to background <mix> so designer can force OS timer (not affected by pause) instead of XP timer.

    Known issue:
    1. Copy paste works best in Windows. In MacOS only paste seems to work and in Linux no support.

  • Version 3.304.14 September 29, 2023

    Final build of the plugin, after having RC1 through RC3 it is finally here.
    Lots of bug fixes, ui tweaks and new Random mission option.
    This build will be the base for the next version.

    I suggest to do a "clean" install of the plugin.


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