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X-Plane.to is the world's #1 source for X-Plane 12 Mods, Liveries and Add-Ons. Free, easy and simple. Whether you're creating or searching for add-ons, you've come to the right place.

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X-Plane 12 can be improved and expanded in an incredible number of ways. To be precise, in more than 14 thousand ways. All of these add-ons are available completely free of charge. You can download them without paying a dime. But ... creators are happy about every donation for their great work!

25 Million+ Downloads

Every day, users from all over the world download over two thousand add-ons on average to improve their gaming experience in X-Plane 12. Incredible, isn't it? We served more than 10 million downloads over the time, and there is much more to come! That's an massive amount of bandwidth. We do not know paid subscriptions, and we do not throttle downloads - more time for you to enjoy your game!

Trust more than 300.000 Members

Our community is growing from day to day. Become a member today to get more benefits and stay up to date. It's completely free to sign up. It gives you numerous advantages, such as notifications as soon as one of your favorite add-ons has been updated. You can rate other mods and even comment on them too!

About us

Add-Ons for Everyone!

You can extend Flight Simulator in an incredible number of ways. We want to enable creators to present their works to the community, get feedback and keep improving. At the same time we want to offer all Flight Simulation enthusiasts the possibility to get these works uncomplicated and bundled in one place.

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Trusted by millions of pilots worldwide

X-Plane.to is a world-leading resource for X-Plane 12 addons and mods.

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Meet our team

Who's behind X-Plane.to? Just a few people - here we are.
If you should need to contact us, please create a ticket.


Lead administration / UTC+2

Exquisite takes care of all administrative tasks. Servers, bills, partnerships, bureaucracy and, above all, the further development of X-Plane.to. Feel free to contact him with your suggestions!


Administration / UTC+2

R1NS3 is your contact for pretty much everything on X-Plane.to - be it suggestions for improvement, feedback or a complaint. He takes care of the community and all your inquiries. 


community mod / UTC+2

tomihbk makes sure that the site stays clean and free of spam or unwanted content. He is also available to answer any questions you may have. 


Community mod / UTC-4

While everyone else is probably asleep, this guy is awake. Our night shift, so to speak. Takes care of approving files and checking for spam and suspicious content, but also approves and checks your wallpapers.


Community mod / UTC+9

influous  makes sure that the site stays clean and free of spam or unwanted content. 


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We have more to offer


We serve our users with simple but effective features to make your experience with us hassle-free.

Scenery Map

Use our Scenery Map to browse the entire world for add-ons, mods and scenery enhancements. It is free and regularly updated.


Use our Discover page to browse thousands of add-ons. Just put in a keyword, select some categories or tags, and rearrange the sorting to your liking. Finding add-ons has never been easier thanks to this intuitive search.

User Voice

Every creator needs and wants feedback. Create an account, give ratings and let creators know what you like about their add-ons, and what less. Comments are an essential part of our community. More than 20 thousand have already been written.

20K+ Wallpapers

Our community uploaded so many amazing images and screenshots from X-Plane 12 that we just had to provide an external site to cope with the rush. On our Wallpapers page you will find thousands of Ultra HD wallpapers - free and with just one click to download.

No Throttling

Other websites throttle your download speed to less than 1 MB/s or even a few KB/s and force you into paid premium memberships to unleash full power. We at X-Plane.to don't know anything like that: You download from us based on Fair Use, without throttling or limitation where not necessary.


If you miss any aircraft painting or scenery for the game, you can use our requests page to make a non-binding request for it. Our creators have already processed and fulfilled more two thousand requests - completely free of charge! Patience pays off.


We're just a platform.

X-Plane.to is where thousands of creators have come together to create great stuff. Thanks a lot for that! Without You this platform would not exist - it's as simple as that. And that means something not only to us, but to many Flight Simulation fans all over the world. Thanks for your contribution!

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Storage space, bandwidth and traffic costs are growing with this project. We do this on a volunteer basis and we don't charge anyone - you can support this project!

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More than 150 people are sponsoring X-Plane.to to help covering our server costs. Here's a random pick of our donators.