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Male - Velana International Airport - Maldives VRMM (including City & Island scenery) 2022 1.8.1

***** RECOMMENDATION ***** VRMM - Velana International Airport in the Maldives is recommended to be used with ORTHO4XP. If Ortho4xp is not being used the airport might NOT look as intended. In reality Male Island and the VRMM Airport surroundings have undergone huge work with...

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VRMM - Velana International Airport in the Maldives is recommended to be used with ORTHO4XP. If Ortho4xp is not being used the airport might NOT look as intended.

In reality Male Island and the VRMM Airport surroundings have undergone huge work with so-called Man-Made-Island-extension and artificial ground extension. The base Xplane scenery is not really up-to-date.


Known issues:

New pavement effects in XP12 is not yet used in this scenery - Future Update
Bridge over to City island - update coming
Weather precipitation (rain) on aprons & taxiways (XP 12) - Update coming


Update 2022 - Valena International Airport

Updated the airport due to updates at the IRL Valena Airport.

Construction at Valena International Airport continues and February 1, 2022 the airport temporarily started using the new runway as a parallel taxiway. New runway is only used for parallel taxiway during daytime, not in the hours of darkness. Some part of the new runway have a temporary offset centerline between taxiways D4 and D6. Taxiway D5 is closed for traffic!

New terminal building on the west apron is still under construction and is not expected to be open for passenger traffic until late fall (Nov-Dec) of 2022. The new aero boarding bridges and towers at the new terminal are being completed.

The construction of the asphalt taxiway is being completed at the south end of the airport to connect to the old runway. Expect to open for traffic some time in of 2023.


Libraries used for this airport.

Remember to keep them updated or the scenery will NOT work as intended.

Handyobjects Library

MisterX Library

OpensceneryX Library

CDB Library

Naps Library

FAIB Aircraft Library

JB Library

RD Library

3D People Library

FF Library

FF Library Extended LOD

World-Models Library


Installing Scenery

Download and insert the scenery files into your “Custom Scenery” folder in X plane 11 or 12.


Creating VRMM for X Plane 2021.

I have been working on this airport on and off for more than two years. The real world Airport at Male was set to be rebuilt and in operation during 2020. But due to the pandemic much of the construction stopped. Which also has made it difficult to actually create an up-to-date airport. Construction was more or less down between spring 2020 to winter of 2021. During spring 2021 the construction are in full swing again and the airport officials say that the new parts of the airport including the new longer runway will be open for operation during 2022. I have been working on custom 3D buildings, but due to the delays IRL at the airport, I have put custom 3D modeling on hold. I will restart the work of the airport and the surroundings when the real airport opens up during 2023.

Until then i´m releasing the Male VRMM Airport without any of my own custom buildings.

Scenery will be updated further with more details over time ...


Document of most frequent carriers to Male

You can download a list of most frequent carriers flying to and from Male and the type of aircraft used.

Size: 62Kb PDF


Ortho DDS texture files

Ortho4XP DDS texture files can be downloaded from MEGA Download or you can easily create your own using the Ortho4XP application.

Download Male Maldives DDS Texture Files Here

Size: 550MB (unzipped aprox: 1 Gig)

Installing Texture files

Download and insert the unzipped folder into your X Plane 11 or 12 "Custom Scenery" folder. Start X Plane and then shut it down. You now have to open "scenery_packs.ini"-file and change it accordingly. If you dont know how, please search youtube or use google for information.


More information about Velana International Airport 2021

VRMM is the main international airport in the Maldives. It is located in the North Malé Atoll, near the capital island Malé.The airport is well connected with major airports around the world, mostly serving as the main gateway into the Maldives for tourists. The airport is undergoing large construction. A new runway has been built, New International Apron and a new South West Apron are also built. The new runway was inspected in 2018 but not cleared for traffic. The old surrounding seaplane terminals have to be demolished and removed before the runway can open.

The new runway was set to open for air traffic in mid 2020. But due to the pandemic and travel bans around the world. The opening was postponed. The opening of the runway has been pushed forward to sometime mid-to-end 2022. In November 2019 the new Seaplane Terminal over at the South West Apron was opened for operations commencing with a Manta Air flight. In order to allow the new longer runway 18/36 to begin operating, all TMA Seaplane Terminals will be closed with all operations transferring to the new terminal building during 2020. New South West Apron is cleared for operation but still not used for certified traffic. The new apron is used for remote parking for both short term and long term parking of private jets and other jet aircraft due to the pandemic. All pilots at this point should disregard all ground markings on the apron and only follow air traffic controllers or ground personnel guidance.

The New International Apron ( the most northern) is in operation for certified International traffic. It opened in 2019 and the new concourse is being built. The old apron used for international traffic has been refitted for domestic flight operations and do not use specific stands on the apron.


Enjoy - Happy flying! 😁

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